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English Springer Spaniel Training

First Impressions
Similar to a Cocker Spaniel but with longer longer legs and heavier head.

The History Of The English Springer Spaniel
The English Springer Spaniel originated in Great Britain during the 19th Century.

It is a member of the British family of spaniels and was bred for hunting to work in front of the guns to "spring" or flush birds out of cover. Cockers and springers were once found in the same litter. The smaller dogs were used to hunt the coveted woodcock and became known as cockers, while larger dogs were known as "springer" or "starter" spaniels, eventually becoming separate breeds.

The intelligence, stamina and obedience of the English Springer makes it the spaniel of choice for hunters on both sides of the Atlantic. Accepted into the AKC in 1932.

Description Of The English Springer Spaniel
Tail is set low and carried almost horizontal. For hunting in the US, it is always moderately docked to avoid damage in dense scrub. Its long, wide, hanging ears remain unaltered.

A compact, medium sized and sturdy dog. The dog should display a proud bearing. The level back should be around the same length as the height at the withers but no longer. Front legs should he straight and the feet compact. A strong head but not too heavy and in proportion. The length of the head and neck should be about the same.

Dogs are 19 - 21 inches in height at the shoulder and weigh 45 - 55 pounds.
While bitches are 18 - 20 inches and 40 - 50 pounds.

Coat & Grooming
The coat is wavy, medium length and dense enough to be waterproof. Marked feathering on ears and legs. The permissible colors are liver or black with white markings; liver or black and white with tan markings; blue or liver roan; white with tan, black or liver markings. The most popular are the black and white and liver and white types.

The coat of the field - type Springer is easy to maintain with regular brushing with a stiff bristle brush. A show dogs coat needs more attention.

Usually even tempered, friendly and sociable, that make great companions for children. Clever, willing, obedient, playful, energetic and quick learners. Everyone’s friend and love to be in the company of people.

They can get into trouble if left alone too long. They love water and will head for it on sight. Usually good with other pets but can be argumentative with same sex dogs.

A pleasure to train but with patience and not aggressively.

Life Expectancy and Health
The average life span is around 12 - 14 years.

Reported health problems are: hip dysplasia allergic skin disease, hypothyroidism. This breed will gain weight easily, so do not over feed. Also prone to PRA, which affects the eyes, and PFK, a blood disorder, epilepsy, and HD. T

This breed has been experiencing a serious personality problem in some strains known as "Rage Syndrome." It is a rare disorder that occurs in other popular breeds.

As with all dogs it pays to check out the breeder and lineage to avoid hereditary problems.

Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

Preferred Environment and Exercise Requirements
Fine in an apartment if sufficiently exercised and adapts well to city life. They are relatively inactive indoors and ideally need an average size yard.

They enjoy as much exercise as you can give them and require lots of it to be happy. These dogs excel in both agility trials and obedience competitions.

For More Information on the English Springer Spaniel
To get more information, check out the English Springer Spaniel web site:

There may also be rescue dogs available. Check for details on:


Rightly enjoys the accolade of being one America's favorite dogs. Adapts well to city life but demands lots of exercise. Rowdy when young and quality obedience training is recommended.

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