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English Setter Training

First Impressions
Puppies look like Polar Bears. A calm and friendly dog that is great with children.

The History Of The English Setter
The English Setter is also known as the Laverack Setter and the Llewellin Setter and originated in France in the 16th Century.

The basic setter was bred from crossing the Spanish and French Pointers in France during the 1500’s. Some time later in the 19th century they went to England where a talented breeder, Sir Edward Laverack developed the English Setter.

The two variations of the setter have distinct traits. The Laverack is the more attractive dog and features heavily in the lines of show dogs. Whereas the Llewellin is more renowned for its hunting abilities.

Description Of The English Setter
English Setters are slim and elegant with a speckled coat. Speckling may heavy or dense and of any size. The flat, silky, slightly wavy coat can be white with blue, lemon, orange, or brown speckling. Some dogs are blue, white & brown. The squarish head is long, with a pronounced frontal stop and the muzzle is about half the length of the head. Large, bright, hazel eyes have a sweet expression The nose is dark and the medium length pendant ears have a soft and velvet like tip.

Dogs average 24 - 27 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh from 55 - 80 pounds.
Bitches are 23 - 26 inches and weigh 45 - 70 pounds.

Coat & Grooming
Regular combing and brushing of the soft, flat, medium long coat is all that is required to keep it in condition. Check for burrs and tangles and give extra care when the dog is shedding. Bathe or dry shampoo only when necessary. Trim hair on the bottom of the feet and clip the nails. This breed is an average shedder.

The English Setter is a gentle, calm and friendly dog which makes it perfect for children. They are sensitive, mild of manner and affectionate. Lively outdoors but fairly inactive indoors. Can be willful and difficult to house train. Training should begin early to prevent bad habits. Training must be patiently and calmly performed. They do not respond well to harsh treatment.

They enjoy companionship and playing with other dogs. Make sure they are well fenced in as they like to go walkabout and they can dig and jump.

Life Expectancy and Health
The average life span for a English Setter is around 10 - 12 years.

Reported health problems are: tendency toward obesity if overfed or under exercised, prone to hip dysplasia and liable to false pregnancy.

Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

Preferred Environment and Exercise Requirements
Not suitable for life in an apartment and needs the minimum of a medium sized yard. All Setters require lots of exercise and preferably running free. If denied this thay can become bothersome.

For More Information on the English Setter
To get more information, check out the English Setter web site:

There may also be rescue dogs available. Check for details on:

Generally safe with kids and other dogs. Need lots of exercise and training from an early age.

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