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Dog Training / Behavior Articles

Here are some of the most common dog training issues. Click on the link for an information packed article about the problem.

The Author is one of the most highly respected dog trainers in the US.

Over 50,000 Americans have used his advice to solve dog training and behavior issues with their dogs. Or just to discover the secret of training a dog in the quickest and most effective way.

Behaviour Advice

Destructive Chewing - furniture, carpets or objects d’art

Aggressive -
growling, snarling and being a bully

Separation Anxiety -
hates being away from you and pines

Licking -
preferably other dogs rear... followed by your face

Barking -
at strangers, cats, the next door neighbor or just for fun

Grass Chewing -
beloved of cows but is it good for your dog?

Digging -
burying bones in your lawn and bids for freedom

Jumping Up -
not too bad for lap dogs but trauma with a Rott

Lonely -
Sad, home alone pooches desperate for company

Whining -
Moody attention seeking or trying to tell you something?

- (poop eating) Not so good if your dog is also a licker.

Disobedience -
Is your dog playing up or could it be you at fault?

Food-Guarding Issues -
A real problem that must be addressed

Fear Biting
- an issue that starts as a puppy can it be fixed?

Jumping on the furniture
- does your dog know it’s place.

Leash issues
- fear of the leash is common but curable.
and play biting

Training Advice

The Positive Reinforcement Method of Dog Training

Introducing the Family Dog to the New Baby

Dog Health Advice

How To Wash Your Dog

Dog Parasites and their Treatment -
safely kill fleas, ticks, worms etc.

How To Choose A Vet

The Best Dog Training & Canine Health Books Reviewed

Dog Training by our “Top Trainer”

House Training -
Dog Health
- All you’ll ever need and save a fortune in vets bills!

Dog Training Resources
Top Dog Trainer

Follow the advice of our Top Dog Trainer. He guarantees to fix any dog’s behavior problem!

Over 55,000 dog owners have followed his advice and you should seriously consider it too....


A new arrival creates great excitement, but patience can soon wear thin if you can’t get “Junior” to go where you want him to go.

Learn the fastest and most stress free way to house train your puppy.

I’ve used this advice a few times now and it works like a charm!

Dogs Health

Dogs are generally tough animals but like us they have illnesses and health problems.

You can
save yourself a fortune in vets bills if you know just when you can treat the problem yourself or when a trip to the vet is called for.

Vital Nutrition Advice

Some popular brands of dog food can actually be killing your pet!

Vet reveals how you can save yourself money and prevent tragedy.

Dog Related Links

Other web sites about dogs that you may find useful.

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