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Dogs Health

It can be disconcerting when reading about the many illnesses and health problems that dogs are prone to. It’s important to put this in perspective. After all, if you worried about all of the health problems that we as humans are prone to, you would think twice about having children!

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Most dogs health problems fall into three categories:

1) Breed Specific Health Problems - usually caused by genetic factors. All dogs have been inbred to some degree. In the early days of the breeds existence this would have been to accentuate features in the personality or physical characteristics that would refine the breeds working abilities.

Later, breeders used selective inbreeding to exaggerate characteristics for the show ring. This led to many of the genetic problems suffered by many of today’s pure bred dogs.

This has been exacerbated by breeders trying to keep up with demand for a breed with a low breeding stock. Some breeders were more interested in profit than the health of the dogs they were selling and resorted to inbreeding to turn a quick buck.

Happily, modern breeders are, in the main, more enlightened. Many of them are working to reverse the harmful defects that have been bred into the dogs over the preceding decades.

The best advice I can offer you, is to only buy from reputable breeders and get the puppy checked out by a vet before you make your investment. It will cost you more in the short term but save you money in vet bills and anguish during the lifetime of your pet.

2) Acquired Ailments - like all animals, dogs are susceptible to picking up infections and parasites. To help prevent the more dangerous infections it is vital to take your puppy to the vet for it’s inoculations. Usually your breeder will have taken care of this for you.

3) Environmental Ailments - it is important to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle and your location and habitat.

Overfeeding and inappropriate food can cause obesity and many associated health problems.

A dog that has been bred for the warmer latitudes will often suffer the cold.... and visa versa.

Similarly some dogs will be very unhappy locked all day in apartment while others thrive on it. So study the breed information to help find a breed that will fit into your location and style of life.

Dogs that are over stressed, bored or are unhappy can suffer mental health problems.

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Dogs Health

Dogs are generally tough animals but like us they have illnesses and health problems.

You can
save yourself a fortune in vets bills if you know just when you can treat the problem yourself or when a trip to the vet is called for.

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