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Chinese Crested Hairless Training

First Impressions
A small dog that is somewhat reminiscent of a small pony.

The History Of The Chinese Crested Powderpuff
The Chinese Crested Powderpuff & Hairless are also known as Chinese Powderpuff, Chinese Hairless and originated in China around 100 BC.

It is believed that hairless dogs are spontaneous genetic mutations. They are mostly found in Central and South America. Records indicate the crested dogs in China as long as 2000 years ago. However, it was in Central America that the breed was kept alive when it fell out of favor in its native land.

A breed club was founded in 1975 and the Chinese Crested were accepted by American Kennel Club in 1992.

Description Of The Chinese Crested Powderpuff & Hairless
The long tail is carried low and not altered. Ears are erect and are not altered. Fringing is optional. The feet of the Chinese Crested are very long and so exaggerated in shape that it may appear they have an extra joint, which is not the case.

There are two varieties of this dog. One is hairless except for its feet, head and tail and the Hairless. The other is called the Powder Puff and has long soft hair. Both come in either solid colors, mixed or spotted all over. The skull is broad with a long muzzle. The ears are erect and the eyes are dark. The two types often come in the same litter.

This breed averages 9 - 13 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs from 5 - 12 pounds.

Coat & Grooming
Chinese Crested dogs are clean with no doggie odor. They are not prone to fleas or ticks. Power Puffs however, require a lot of grooming and daily brushing of the long, fine, double coat is recommended.

The Chinese Crested are still rare. They are loving and affectionate with children. They are an entertaining, intelligent and alert. Puppies should be well socialized and exposed to loud noises from puppies to avoid timidity.

Life Expectancy and Health
The average life span for both varieties is around 10 - 12 years.

The exposed skin needs care to avoid skin problems and irritations and protected with at least factor 30 sunscreen. Be aware that many are allergic to lanolin and wool.

Teeth should be looked after to prevent decay and the hairless dogs often lose many teeth as young adults. This is probably genetic and as should not be given bones to chew as they often have an incomplete set of teeth. Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

Preferred Environment and Exercise Requirements
Perfect for life in an apartment. They are quite active indoors and will be fine without a yard. A sweater in is essential when going out in cold weather.

These dogs thrive on regular sessions of play and regular, short brisk walks.

For More Information on the Chinese Crested Powderpuff & Hairless
To get more information, check out the Chinese Crested Powderpuff & Hairless website:

There may also be rescue dogs available. Check for details on:

Much loved by the famous Gypsy Rose Lee. A moving Chinese Crested looks very like a prancing pony which is enhanced by its mane and hairy tail. Both types can be born in the same litter and legend has it that the hairy pups are there to keep the hairless ones warm.

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