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Cao De Serra De Aires Training

First Impressions
A medium size, shaggy dog that strongly resembles the Briard.

The History Of The Cao De Serra De Aires
The Cao De Serra De Aires is also known as Portuguese Sheepdog and originally came from Portugal in the 19th century.

This is a traditional type of sheepdog that for many centuries was used to herd livestock. It could well have descended from Briards imported into Portugal from France by Count de Castro Guimaraes and then interbreeding with local sheep dogs. The appearance of this dog did become standardized until around 1930.

Description Of The Cao De Serra De Aires
The long tail is carried low and is slightly curved at the tip. It is not altered. The medium size ears hang and are not altered.

The breed averages 16-22 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 26 - 40 pounds.

Coat & Grooming
Long, smooth & slightly wavy and of medium coarseness. There is no undercoat and unlike the Puli and other sheepdogs of Eastern Europe, the coat does not form cords as. Has a beard and mustache of long hair as well as thick eyebrows. Allowed colors are any shade of fawn, yellow, brown, gray or black-and-tan. Parti colors are not permitted. A few white hairs are permissible but patches of white hairs are not, except for white patches on the chest.

The forelimbs are symmetrically covered with long hair and it has a beard, giving it a mature look. Eyes are rounded, dark and with a gentle expression.

Moderate grooming is required. Regularly check the coat or tangles but do not over brush. Trim any excess hairs between the pads of the feet. Shampoo only when necessary.

This is one of the most devoted and intelligent of the sheepdogs. It is a lively, cheerful dog that is willing to work. Most loyal and bonds with its family. The Cao da Serra de Aires requires consistent and well-balanced training. It learns quickly and easily but can be stubborn and may be dominant.

Once trained the dog will be as reliable as you could possibly wish. It does requires a confident and firm handler. These dogs usually mix well with other dogs but with a tendency to dominate other males.

Life Expectancy and Health
The average life span for a Cao De Serra De Aires is around 12-13 years.

Generally this breed is very healthy. Check for hip dysplasia.. Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

Preferred Environment and Exercise Requirements
The Cao da Serra de Aires is not suited to life in an apartment. given plenty of exercise it will be calm indoors. Remember that they are working dogs with a need for exercise and a preference for outdoor living with an an occasional visit in the home.

Very active and quite clever it will herd anything from cattle to children. It is sometimes called the "monkey dog" in its homeland because of its unique facial expression. Responds well to obedience training. While it is becoming more popular in Europe it will not be easily found in the US.

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