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Bracco Italiano Training

First Impressions
The Bracco Italianio looks like many other pointer breeds in overall appearance. It does have an unusually square muzzle for a pointer.

The History Of The Bracco Italiano
The Bracco Italiano is also known as Italian Pointer. They originated in Italy during the 1700's.

The breed is thought to originate from crosses made to the sighthounds imported into to Italy by Phoenician traders from Egypt and is the ancestor of all European pointers. This was a popular hunting dog during the Renaissance and was often gifted from the Italian government officials to foreign VIP's. It was used to hunt with nets and to flush quarry for falconers. Although its popularity declined during the 1800's it is now enjoying a revival in its native Italy.

Description Of The Bracco Italiano
The tail is always docked. The hanging ears are not altered and set low. They are long enough to reach the dogs nose.

The breed averages 22 - 26 inches in height at the shoulder and weighs 55 - 88 pounds.

Best suited to outdoor living. When hunting, it searches with a long, elastic, striding trot with its nose high to the wind. It stands and points in the traditional fashion. The breed as changed little over time.

Coat & Grooming
The coat is smooth and short, colored white; white with orange, amber, or brown markings; white flecked with orange or brown; and roan. Minimal grooming necessary.

Reported health problems are: Sensitive ears require attention. Possible hip dysplasia.

Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

 Will be difficult to find a puppy in the United States.

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