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Bouvier Des Flandres Training

First Impressions
The Bouvier Des Flandres is a big, rough coated dog with a full beard, mustache and very long eyebrows.

The History Of The Bouvier Des Flandres
The Bouvier Des Flandres is also known as the Belgian Cattle Dog and originated in Belgium during the 1600's.

Bouvier means cowherd and is one of Belgium's native breeds. It was put to work herding cattle and even pulled the butchers' cart. The breed almost became extinct during the two world wars.

The Bouviers were imported to the United States during the 1930's and this gentle, loyal breed has never really gained the popularity it deserves. Some believe that it may have been formed by crossing the Griffon and the Beauceron.

Description Of The Bouvier Des Flandres
The ears are carried erect in the US and cropped to a triangular point. The tail is docked to about 4 inches long.

Bouviers dogs average 23 - 28 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing 75 - 90 pounds. Bitches are somewhat smaller at 22 - 27 inches tall and 60 - 80 pounds in weight.

The Bouvier is a powerfully built dog with a large and heavily coated head. The thick beard, shaggy eyebrows and mustache gives the dog a distinctive and impressive appearance. The muzzle is slightly tapered strong and broad. The dark brown eyes are oval in shape with a bold and lively expression. The nose is black. Teeth should meet in a scissors bite.

The dog has a square profile and the front legs are muscular and straight. The chest is broad and deep.

Coat & Grooming
The rough coat requires plenty of attention. Brush it regularly and bathe or dry shampoo only when necessary. The Bouvier needs to be trimmed at regular intervals.

Temperament and Bouvier des FlandresTraining
The Bouvier des Flandres looks intimidating but is actually calm and gentle. They are obedient dogs with a pleasant nature and even temper. They make excellent guard dogs.

They are easy to train and learn commands relatively quickly. Once they learn a command they will remember it for the rest of their life. They need a dominant and experienced owner. 

As with all dogs, Buvier des Flandres training should be started as a puppy. To prevent behavioral problems later in life, training should follow a recognized training regime.

Either enroll in a certified local dog training school or read this.

Life Expectancy and Health
The average life span for a Bouvier Des Flandres is around 10-12 years.

These are very hardy dogs that are accustomed to harsh conditions. They are rarely ill. Some dogs may suffer from hip dysplasia and eye problems such as cataracts. The Bouvier has a very high pain threshold. which makes a veterinarian's job difficult as they cannot easily tell where the dog is hurting.

Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

Preferred Environment and Exercise Requirements
The Bouvier des Flandres will be fine in an apartment given plenty of regular exercise. They are relatively inactive indoors and best suited to a large yard.

The Bouvier des Flandres is an active dog that needs a medium amount of exercise. They enjoy going for long walks and are happy to run alongside a bike. During the growing stage, exercise should be carefully regulated so that growing bones, muscles and joints are not over stressed. The dog needs its energy to build a strong frame.

For More Information on the Bouvier Des Flandres
To get more information, check out the Bouvier Des Flandres website:

There may also be rescue dogs available. Check for details on:


Bright, easily trained and reliable, the Bouvier is often used as a guide dog for the blind or as a police dog. Relative scarcity may make it hard to find a puppy.

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