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Black Russian Terrier Training

First Impressions
A large, powerful dog resembling a stocky Giant Schnauzer.

The History Of The Black Russian Terrier
The Black Russian Terrier is also known as the Tjorniy Terrier and the BRT. They originated in Russia during the 20th century.

Developed in Russia just after World War II to fill the requirement of a large dog for military and police work. The cross was made between Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Rottweiler and the Russian Newfoundland. The result was a tough dog with a protective personality.

Description Of The Black Russian Terrier
Ears are natural, medium size and hanging down with the front edge lying close to the cheek in similar fashion to the Rottweiler. The tail is docked to to be 4 - 6 inches when fully grown.

Dogs average 25 - 29 inches tall at the shoulder and bitches 25 - 28 and weighing from 80 - 143 pounds.

Coat & Grooming
The only color accepted is black with a few gray hairs allowed on the back. Any other markings color is a disqualification fault.

The weatherproof coat of wiry, close-lying, wavy hair is about 1.5" - 4" long. The BRT has both eyebrows and a beard. Regular trimming 2 - 3 times a year and professional grooming is necessary. Strip only if the coat is soft. Brush daily.

Temperament and Black Russian Terrier Training
Male dogs get on well with children but the females are more inclined to play with them. They are adaptable and eager to learn. A reliable with an even temper.

Puppies should be trained lovingly but firmly. As with all dogs, Black Russian Terrier training should be started as a puppy. To prevent behavioral problems later in life, training should follow a recognized training regime.

Either enroll in a certified local dog training school or read this.

Life Expectancy and Health
The average life span for a Black Russian Terrier is around 10 - 11 years.

Prone to Hip Dysplasia. Pay attention to the ears as they they have a tendency to contract otitis.

Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

Preferred Environment and Exercise Requirements
The Black Russian Terrier will be fine in an apartment but needs daily exercise. They thrive on the company of people and are not good at coping with being left alone.

For More Information on the Black Russian Terrier
To get more information, check out the Black Russian Terrier web site:

There may also be rescue dogs available. Check for details on:

Becoming very popular in Europe and there are over 300 BRTs registered with the Black Russian Terriers Club of America. Obedience training is very important.

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