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Berger des Pyrenees Training

Berger des PyreneesBerger des Pyrenees Training and Temperament
Needs to be kept busy or will become bored and destructive.

As with all dogs, Berger des Pyrenees training should be started as a puppy. To prevent behavioral problems later in life, training should follow a recognized training regime.

Either enroll in a certified local dog training school or read this.

First Impressions
Despite it’s grand title it is small shaggy sheepdog. Nevertheless it has a history of intelligence and great courage.

The History Of The Berger des Pyrenees
The Berger des Pyrenees is also known as the Labri and Pyrenean Sheepdog and originated in France during the 1700's.

The small sheepdog from the French Pyrenees is believed to be oldest of the French herding dogs. It was worked paired with the large white sheep guardian dogs of the region. The small sheepdog herded the sheep while the big dog guarded them.

Legends abound of these two dogs looking after their flock without any help or direction from a shepherd. It was officially recognized by the French Kennel Club in 1921 but the breed has not become popular outside of its native France.

Description Of The Berger des Pyrenees
The ears are either cropped to stand upright or left natural. The tail is docked or left as a natural bobtail. Double dew claws are a hallmark of the breed.

The breed averages 15-19 inches tall at the shoulder and 40 weighs around pounds.

Coat & Grooming
The long, shaggy coarse hair is water resistant. Hair on the tail and loins is woolly. There are two varieties of the breed. One has long hair all over its body while the other has shorter hair on its face. Permissible colors are harlequin or fawn, some with brindle markings. Moderate grooming is required, with bathing only as necessary to preserve the coats natural waterproofing.

Life Expectancy and Health
A remarkably hardy breed that is particularly resistant to distemper.

Please read our page on health problems by clicking here.

Preferred Environment and Exercise Requirements
No information at this time.

For More Information on the Berger des Pyrenees
As a rare breed outside of its native France, no further information is available at this time.

During the First World War, the Berger des Pyrenees carried messages and searched for wounded. Many dogs were killed undertaking this dangerous work.

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