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Dog Health Problems A - Z

This is a work in process and increasing in size daily.

If your dog is suffering ill health then the only person that can advise you as to the the best course of action is a vet.

Abscess - An abscess is a pocket of infection beneath the skin. It can be in the site of a wound that has not been properly cleaned or form in the jaw underneath a bad tooth.

Allergies - Many dogs suffer allergic reactions to flea bites. Food allergies are also becoming more common. This is thought to be caused by a weakened immune system brought on by exposure to pollutants, drugs and chemical food additives.

Anemia - Usually a symptom of an underlying illness or parasitic infection. Symptoms may include pale lips, gums and eyelids. Listlessness and lack of appetite.

Anal Glands - There are two small anal glands under the dogs tail. These drain toxins and waste and if they fail to empty properly can cause intense irritation. This is apparent in dogs dragging there rear across the ground and licking the affected part. If the problem is persistent, the vet should be contacted and may elect to drain the glands.

Appetite -
A sudden lack of appetite is usually symptomatic of an underlying illness. For this reason, if you detect a change in the eating habits of your dog a visit to the vet is recommended.

Arthritis - Usually an unfortunate side effect of approaching old age. The first signs are a slowing down on walks and difficulty in standing and stair climbing. Medication and diet can help relieve the symptoms.
Bad Breath - Can be caused by diet or dental problems. One if the more common causes is Gingivitis (see Gingivitis).

Behavioral Problems - Many behavioral problems can be solved with the correct, patient dog training procedures. If the problem is severe or aggressive then professional help should be sought.

Bladder Stones & Gravel (Urolithiasis) - These stones are composed of crystals which grow in the bladder. These crystals form when the concentration of urine is too high. Usually this means that the dog is not drinking enough water. Symptoms of this condition are cystitis, incontinence and difficulty urinating.

Bronchitis - The symptoms include wheezing and difficulty breathing. It may be caused by infection in the bronchial tracts or can be an indicator of underlying heart disease. Prevalent in older canines.

Cancer - This distressing and serious illness can only be dealt with by professionals. Some breeds are more prone than others.

Cheyletiella - These are parasitic mites prevalent in animals throughout the U.S. Sometimes called “walking dandruff” because of the way the mites cause movement in the loose scales on the skin. Treatment is by way of the insecticides used to control fleas. More distressing than actually dangerous.

Coat Problems -

Colitis - An inflammation of the colon. Symptoms can be diarrhea, straining, mucus and blood. Recommended treatment is 24 hours fasting, followed by bland food (chicken or fish) and pasta until condition clears. This condition can be caused by an allergic reaction to some food.
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Constipation - More common in older dogs. Avoid feeding the dog cooked bones. Ensure plenty of water and exercise. Diet is an important factor,
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Coughing - Can be due to a viral or bacterial infection, irritants such as dust or smoke or a parasitic infection. As it can also be a symptom of heart disease, a vet should always be consulted.

Cystitis - A urinary infection indicated by incontinence or difficulty passing urine. Some vets recommend fasting for 24 hours. Severe or frequent reoccurrence should be referred to the vet for investigation.

Cysts - Cysts occur when a sebaceous gland becomes blocked. The resultant swelling can become quite large and then burst or become infected. Interdigital cysts form between the toes and is caused when a hair follicle becomes blocked or a foreign body becomes lodged under the skin. These appear as small red and painful swellings which often burst.

Dandruff - Dog dandruff can be caused by a number of underlying complaints. These can be genetic as in ichthyosis, an infection, infestation or simply dry skin. Dogs should only be bathed in warm (not hot) water, using a mild shampoo designed for dogs. Because dandruff can be symptomatic of some serious underlying disease, a visit to the vet is recommended in persistent cases.

Dermatitis - see Skin Complaints

Dental Disease & Gingivitis -

Diabetes - The inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin. The best way to avoid this complaint is to control your dogs diet and not let it get overweight. Also sugary food and sweets should be avoided.

Diarrhea -

Ear Problems

Eczema - see Skin Complaints


Eye Problems

False Pregnancy




Gingivitis - see Dental Disease

Harvest Mites

Heart Disease

Hip Dysplasia


Immune System



Kidney Problems

Liver disease



Muscle Strain

Nasal Catarrh


Pad Soreness

Pancreatic Insufficiency - see Diabetes




Prostate Problems





Skin Complaints



Travel Sickness


Walking Dandruff - see Cheyletiella


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